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Architectural Punch Bowl

Bompas & Parr, 33 Portland Place

Legendary cognac producer Courvoisier teamed up with the food architects Bompas & Parr to create the world's largest cocktail in the world's largest punch bowl.

Housed in the historic 33 Portland Place, the Architectural Punch Bowl contained over 4,000 litres of cocktail featuring Courvoisier's exclusive mixing cognac Exclusif. This drink was the competition-winning cocktail, the 'Emperor's Shrub' by Joe McCanta, mixologist and sommelier of Saf Restaurant, Shoreditch, and was served to visitors straight from 'the bowl'.

The flooded room contained enough punch for 25,000 people, was so big you could even raft across it on our specially built giant slice of orange, or race the remote controlled cranberry and blackberry garnish/boats.
Former Blur bassist and foodie Alex James acted as the official taste consultant on the project, whilst my involvement on the project was set and costume designer.

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