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Beyond the Waterfall

Westfield Shepherd's Bush

Bompas & Parr and Westfield

Beyond the Waterfall was a fantastical journey to a mythical land, with mermen mixologists.

The project entailed creating a grotto for grown-ups in an empty shop in Westfield London. Visitors entered into the sumptuous and mysterious lobby and led through a tunnel to reveal an undersea lagoon. Paddling with bone clad oars, in a shell ornamented boat, the guest would journey across to a cocktail bar staffed by mythical creatures. Once discovering gemstones and characters along the way, the final experience is being part of a lavish, luxurious cacophony of cocktails, mermen and musical antics. Evoking the emotions and joy of the holiday season, it took inspiration from fairy tales, boys' adventures and science fiction. Art direction, styling, scenic painting and bespoke prop making were all integral elements of the project our team executed to bring the space alive.

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