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Britten in Brooklyn

Wilton's Music Hall

Jimmy Jewel and Positive Entertainment

The play set in Brooklyn, 7 Middagh Street, follows the bohemian lifestyles of Benjamin Britten, WH Auden, Carson McCullers and Gypsy Rose Lee in the artistic community as World War II unravels into a brutal reality. Exiled in America for his beliefs and a national disgrace, Benjamin Britten must decide which way his conflicted political ideals lie but the constant parties, doomed affairs and John Dunne, the mysterious stranger provide an easy distraction.

Cecilia Carey’s charmingly dilapidated set makes the most of the venue, painting the creative complex lives'
(Financial Times)
'Cecilia Carey's dishevelled, split level set is a pleasure'.
(What's On Stage)
'Cecilia Carey’s multi-level set was wonderfully rag tag with a piano and a bath tub splendidly dominating the stage and being put to multiple uses very effectively by Director Oli Rose'.
(The Londonist)

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