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Chicken Dust

Finborough Theatre

In association with The Curve Theatre, Leicester

Ben Weatherill
Hattie Gregory
Chelsea Walker
Set Designer
Cecilia Carey
Lighting Designer
Jamie Platt
Costume Designer
Sarah Mercade
Sound Designer
Ella Wahlstrom
Stage Manager
Tanya Stephenson
Richard Davenport

Winner of the Curve Leicester's Playwriting Competition, Chicken Dust is a play set on a rural farm in England.

“Oh this ain’t a farm. This is a loading dock. No such things as farms anymore, not around here.”

A hard hitting exploration of the human cost of our enormous appetite for cheap meat. New boy Tim has just arrived for his first shift. The job is pretty simple: grab chickens seven at a time by their legs and ram them into cages for shipping.
His teammates are old-timers, with cigarettes dangling from their lips and pantyhose up their arms to protect their skin. Feathers cling to clothes. This band of survivors don't want much: just to stay in the countryside, catch the chickens, and earn the best living they can.

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