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Gift 31.10.09

Vyner St Studios, London

Oliver Lamford
Set Designer
Cecilia Carey
Costume Designer
Anna Long
Lighting Designer
Sunghee Yu
Choreographer, Dancer, Ensemble
Rachel Burn
Movement, Ensemble
Sasha Davies
Tamsin Clarke
Iago Martinez
Olivia Bradbury

Guests are personally invited and left to wait in a chaotic waiting room, TV blaring, radio buzzing, cheap drinks and party snacks to entertain.

A light, open-faced girl takes them out, prepares them for a journey under her lamp. They enter the room alone, where a wild, breathless dancer performs behind a shimmering screen. Glimpses turn into contact, and a pair of hands beckon the guest closer, covering their eyes.

Blindfolded, they feel five pairs of hands make contact, lead them, lift them, float them across the room. A song drifts around them. Suddenly they are lifted high, their blindfold removed, and they are confronted with... well, that would be telling.

Outside, clutching a white feather, the guest adds it to a bare hanging tree. They relax in a cosy tent, with tea and conversation for company.

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