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Gift 31.10.09

Vyner St Studios, London

Guests are personally invited and left to wait in a chaotic waiting room, TV blaring, radio buzzing, cheap drinks and party snacks to entertain.

A light, open-faced girl takes them out, prepares them for a journey under her lamp. They enter the room alone, where a wild, breathless dancer performs behind a shimmering screen. Glimpses turn into contact, and a pair of hands beckon the guest closer, covering their eyes.

Blindfolded, they feel five pairs of hands make contact, lead them, lift them, float them across the room. A song drifts around them. Suddenly they are lifted high, their blindfold removed, and they are confronted with... well, that would be telling.

Outside, clutching a white feather, the guest adds it to a bare hanging tree. They relax in a cosy tent, with tea and conversation for company.

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