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Jekyll & Hyde

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

KPMG Partner

Evan Placey
Tessa Walker
Associate Director
Philip Morris
Lighting Designer
Simon Bond
Composer / Sound Designer
Iain Armstrong
Movement Director
Sarah Worth
Associate Movement Director
Lucy Wild
Fight Director
Alison de Burgh
Voice Coach
Barbara Houseman
Production Photographer
Graeme Braidwood

Reinvention of Robert Louis Stevenson's Jekyll & Hyde written by Evan Placey

Guardian 5 star Review:
'With echoes of Frank Wedekind, Martin McDonagh and Black Mirror, this is a playful, promiscuous retelling. Directed by Tessa Walker and strikingly designed in hues of orange and black by Cecilia Carey, the cast of 17 rule the stage. Not only through what they do – playing multiple roles, briskly changing scenes, becoming a physical ensemble to signal transformations – but also through what they say. Retributive acts of extreme violence go unpunished. When change is too slow, things must be destroyed so that they can be built anew. The violence seems just and perfectly appropriate. .... this is thrilling stuff'.

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