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Tidy Up

Gt. Ormond Street Hospital and Touring

Peut Etre Theatre Company & GOSH Arts

Daphna Attias
Movement Director
Ayse Tashkiran
Cecilia Carey
Composer & Sound Designer
Yaniv Fridel
Lighting Designer
Dan Saggars
Production Manager
Faith Rowley
Stage Manager
Anastasia Booth
Costume Assistant
Rosie Holditch
Assistant Stage Manager
Megan Taylor
Production Photographer
Ludovic des Cognets
Charlie Hendren
Maya Politaki
Anna Woodhouse

This touring dance production was developed in partnership with GOSH Arts, patients and families and the Psychological Services Department at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Inspired by the child’s desire to create order, patterns and systems, this show is a witty and uplifting journey discovering if chaos and order can ever live side-by-side… with plenty of surprises, Tidy Up is an unforgettable party!

Theatre credits and venues

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