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Vicky’s Place

St Bartholomew's Hospital, London

Commissioned by Vital Arts

A small unique ‘Surgical Appliances’ room at Bart’s hospital that’s seen ten years of cancer patients under the formidable Victoria ‘Vicky’ Wood, has been transformed into a vibrant, colourful yet confidential space. The Palladian details of the hospital’s enduring 18th century architecture, designed by James Gibbs, inspired Cecilia to translate these building shapes into compositions of flat vinyl geometric shapes to adorn the walls.
A shop front forms one side of the room signalling to passers by. Vinyl shapes create portals to some of the products used during appointments. Example wigs are modelled on mannequins made from eclectic stacks of colourful 3D wooden forms. These are rooted in the idea of finding the bit that fits and making things come together: a celebration of mending and renewal.

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